Why does the /v1/completion API in Tabby return empty results when deployed offline?

The user deployed Tabby offline on their work computer and encountered empty results when testing the /v1/completion API. They followed a tutorial for deployment on their personal computer where everything worked fine. No errors were shown during the deployment. Another user successfully tested the API offline on Windows 11. The user also received a suggestion for offline deployment on a GitHub issue. What could be causing the empty results?


yuhui pang

Asked on Mar 11, 2024

  • Offline deployment may require additional configurations or dependencies that are not present in the offline environment.
  • Check if the model and Docker image were properly transferred to the work computer.
  • Verify that the model path and Docker volume mapping are correct in the deployment command.
  • Ensure that the necessary resources for the Tabby model are available offline.
  • Review the GitHub comment for any specific instructions related to offline deployment.
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