Is the nightly build based on the main branch?

I'm trying to understand if the nightly build is based on the main branch. When I use the release binary from the repository, it doesn't work. However, when I run cargo run, it works fine. I'm also curious if the build pipeline is using a stable or nightly version of Rust, as many dependencies rely on unstable Rust features.



Asked on Jan 30, 2024

Yes, the nightly build should be based on the main branch. If cargo run works locally, then the binary produced by cargo build should also work. However, if you're encountering issues, it might be related to the build pipeline not having certain tooling installed, or it could be silently failing. It's also possible that the build pipeline is using a stable version of Rust, which could cause problems if dependencies require unstable features. Meng Zhang might have more insights into the build pipeline specifics.

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