What can I do to troubleshoot the issue with the rocm binary?

I am experiencing issues with the rocm binary not working. I have tried building from source and it works fine, but the binary does not. What steps can I take to troubleshoot this issue?



Asked on Jan 30, 2024

To troubleshoot the issue with the rocm binary, you can try the following steps:

  1. Run ldd command on the binary to check for any missing or incompatible dependencies.

  2. Verify the rocm version and check if there is a tool similar to nvidia-smi for rocm. This can provide additional insights.

  3. Compare the linked libraries shown by ldd with the build environment to see if there are any differences.

  4. Check if there are any known issues or limitations with the manylinux build of the rocm binary.

  5. Consider reaching out to the community or the developers for further assistance and troubleshooting.

By following these steps, you should be able to gather more information and narrow down the cause of the issue.

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