How to resolve the 'Error detected while processing VimEnter Autocommands for' error in Neovim with Tabby?

I'm encountering the Error detected while processing VimEnter Autocommands for "*"..function tabby#OnVimEnter: error when trying to run Tabby with Neovim. I've set up my Lua configuration. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?


Guillermo Saavedra

Asked on Apr 09, 2024

  • Check the node.js version and set the nodejs binary path manually.

  • If you installed Node.js via snap, use /snap/node/current/bin/node as the node binary path.

  • Example: vim.g.tabby_node_binary = '/Users/foobar/.nodenv/versions/18.16.0/bin/node'

  • Improve error handling for extracting the semantic version from the response of node --version to address potential issues in the next version.

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