How to use remote PHPStorm editor with Tabby for code completions?

Tejas Ambani is facing issues with code completions when using remote PHPStorm editor with Tabby. He mentioned that the connection shows as connected, but he never gets any completions. Tejas is running Tabby in a Docker container on Windows and connecting to a remote IDE session in WSL. He is able to run Swagger examples on the Windows side and the setup works in VSCode. How can he resolve the code completions issue in PHPStorm?


Tejas Ambani

Asked on Apr 18, 2024

  1. Ensure that the PHPStorm server is properly configured to work with Tabby.
  2. Check the connection settings between Tabby and PHPStorm to ensure they are correctly set up.
  3. Verify that the PHPStorm server is able to communicate with Tabby running in the Docker container.
  4. Test code completions with a simple example to see if they work.
  5. If completions still don't work, try restarting both Tabby and PHPStorm to refresh the connection.
  6. Consider checking for any specific configurations or plugins needed for PHPStorm to work with Tabby for code completions.
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