Why is my context provider repo not providing answers in VS Code chat window?

I cloned a GitHub repo locally and created a context provider repo, but it's not providing answers in the VS Code chat window. The Ollama log and configuration details are provided below:



Asked on Jun 27, 2024

  • The issue might be related to the matching/scoring logic applied by VS Code, which could dismiss some context due to length limitations.
  • The code in your VS Code project is not fully indexed, but recent changed files and LSP related identifiers are indexed.
  • The Code Browser window is not the only place to ask questions about the context provider repos; it's also available in the side panel chat.

To troubleshoot:

  1. Check if the context length limitation is affecting the matching/scoring logic.
  2. Ensure that the code in your VS Code project is up-to-date and properly indexed.
  3. Try asking questions in the side panel chat as an alternative to the Code Browser window.
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